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I am a product designer tackling user problems on the web, apps, and beyond.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Courtney Beyer and I am product designer, specializing in UX design . Currently I work with small start-ups and business doing everything from user research to website design. I help them shape their ideas, create engaging interfaces and define seamless user experiences. I am looking to work at a company where I can utilize my human-centered design skills to create products. I want to work with a team of Designers, PMs, and Engineers to design and ship products.

I graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in Anthropology. In addition to designing I have also been a product manager and lead writer for the book: ‘Design Like You Give a Damn 2’

If I am not designing, I am playing board games, making wine, or creating art. If you want to join me for any of these activities, let me know.

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